Have you considered reusable coffee pods?

Have you considered reusable coffee pods?

We are nothing if not traditional coffee brewers; V60, Chemex, AeroPress, and of course a daily espresso. However, it is easy to see the attraction of the convenience and speed offered by pod machines and the array of coffee options offered by the big retailers – but the material waste generated by the process leaves a bitter taste in the mouth!

One option is reusable coffee capsules. Stainless steel ones with detachable lids are available, but we found those didn’t always fit the machine we were testing on, so we’ve been trying out the Blue Cup system from the Netherlands. This is a durable plastic pod with a tool for sealing it with foil lids. The pod is flexible so can adapt to the machine you are using without damaging the mechanism. You will need to experiment with the grind level, and the amount of tamping you need to do to get the flow right, but that is no different than if you were getting used to a new coffee machine.

We produced some very pleasing shots of Espresso YO-Self that worked well with milk and the shots of our single origins had all the flavour notes and tasting qualities we look for.

Reusable pods are a great way to save money and reduce that waste while still enjoying your favourite coffee blends at home. The capsules are designed to be used over and over again, saving you the cost of constantly buying disposable capsules meaning you will soon cover the initial cost of purchasing the pods.

Filling the pod with your favourite coffee is a simple process and the instructions that come with the capsule will guide you through it. Once the capsule is filled, you simply place it into your coffee maker just as you would with a disposable capsule. The coffee will brew, and you'll be able to enjoy your coffee shot without having to worry about running out of capsules.

When using the pod it's important to make sure that it's cleaned properly after each use. Cleaning instructions will vary depending on the brand and model of the capsule, but most can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Some capsules are dishwasher safe, which can make cleaning even easier.

Overall, reusable coffee capsules are a great choice for the coffee lover who wants to save money and reduce waste. They're easy to use, cost-effective, and good for the environment. If you're looking for a way to enjoy your favourite Sidewalk coffee blends at home while being more sustainable, these are definitely worth considering. 

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