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Sidewalk Coffee Company

Espresso - Slighty darker roast with fruity notes

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A mix of single-origin Arabica and Robusta coffee beans roasted just beyond first crack to create a smooth and sweet expresso blend that's great for using in milk-based coffees or as an espresso shot.

We modify this blend from time to time due to changing bean crops, but this coffee has a dominant Brazilian arabica coffee bean mixed with an African arabica bean and a hint of Robusta.

This coffee is a great choice for those using pro or semi-pro espresso machines or finer filter grinds. It's capable of producing a great crema which is the canvas for your latte art creations.


We roast our coffees a few times a week so don't be disheartened if you don't get a despatch notification straightaway. We're committed to only sending out the freshest of coffees.

For samples and 250g bags we use letterbox and environmentally-friendly packaging which means you'll need either to clip the bag or use a coffee jar. Retail packs are available, but postage costs are greater so please bear this in mind.