About us - Sidewalk Coffee - Cambridgeshire Small Batch Coffee Roastery

Why we are among the best coffee roasters in Cambridge

The company

Sidewalk Coffee was founded in 2015 by two coffee lovers who wanted to expand their own coffee horizons.  We're not going to lie... learning about coffee is not as easy as you think.  Five years on, we're still learning and improving!  Every day is a school day :-) But now we think we can rightfully claim to be among the best coffee roasters in Cambridge.

Based in South Cambridgeshire, in a converted barn, Sidewalk Coffee supplies coffee to online and local domestic customers as well as engaging in business to business trade.  We're keen to sell great coffee, roasted to order and tailored to our customers needs.

The Coffee Roaster

We roast on a Garanti 5kg roaster which has been modified to allow greater monitoring of bean and air temperatures.  We use Artisan to monitor our roasts and log every batch so we can go back and identify what might make that perfect cup of coffee.

Tips on YouTube

Our partner The Home Cafe on YouTube helps our customers along the coffee journey and use our coffee to demo equipment and provide easy to follow coffee making videos.


Try us out

We're really pleased you found us and we hope you buy some coffee.  If you've read this far then you'll be pleased to know there's a 5% off code to reward  you for your patience:


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