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Sidewalk Coffee Company

The Rural Coffee Project Roast

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The Rural Coffee Project

We have been working with our friends Andy and Hannah at the Rural Coffee Project since we started Sidewalk Coffee in 2015. We are really proud to have been able to help them on their way to success and enabling them to produce some outstanding coffees. If you live in the Cambridge area and want to taste it for yourself you can catch them in their distinctive blue mobile coffee shop at a number of locations. To get an up to date list of where they will be pitching up take a look at their Facebook page and if you want to get some background information on how they got where they are now, take a look at their website

Andy and Hannah worked with us to develop the roast profile for their coffee which is based on our Brazil bean and roasted to a slightly lighter level than our normal offering in order to draw out more of the floral hints in the bean.