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Colombia Fincamigos - Single origin coffee

Continent: South America

Country: Colombia

Region: Huila

Min growing altitude: 2000 masl

Varietals: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Tasting notes: Chocolate, red fruits, citrus with a heavy body

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About the coffee

Roasted at our coffee roastery south of Cambridge these beans are always a popular choice from our collection. This bean is a blend produced by our green bean supplier from cooperatives, associations, and direct partners located across Colombia's most famous coffee-growing departments. Sales of this coffee support sustainability projects in local communities.

If you are looking for the perfect fresh coffee to drink on its own without milk as a pour-over, or filtered, this coffee will provide a well-rounded, full body, chocolate, and fruit-forward with bright acidity.

Coffee origin and summary information

REGION - Huila, Tolima, Caldas, Risaralda and Antioquia

ALTITUDE - 1300 to 1900 m.a.s.l.+


VARIETY - Castillo


Cupping and tasting notes

Acidity  High
Body Full
Aroma Sweet
Cupping Notes Chocolate and fruit

Master roaster's assessment

This bean takes some careful roasting to tease out the sweetness and still maintain the clarity produced by the high acidity. The high level steps followed are: 

Medium temp to drying phase 
Medium heat to end of maillard 
Medium heat to first crack with increased airflow 
Lower heat prior to first crack with 15-20% development time.

We slow down the roast to try and bring out the syrup flavours without compromising acidity.


Target Roast Profile

Charge Temp: 220
Roast Duration: 9-10 mins
First Crack: 9mins / 208c
Drop Temp: 220c