Buy green coffee beans for small batch roaster.

Do you need some green coffee beans?  

Choose from our green coffee bean selection.  Available in 500g or 1kg increments.  Competitive green coffee and post prices.

Buying raw green coffee in small batches is tricky.  Green coffee is shipped in 60-70kg bags and splitting the bags isn't easy.  When we get in a new green coffee shipment we pre-pack a proportion of the green coffee beans for resale to the home or small batch coffee roaster.   

Raw green coffee - roasting advice

Roasting green coffee is simple.  Mastering the coffee roasting process takes a bit longer. We roast our green coffee on a Toper and a home made larger roaster.  But if you need help roasting green coffee then contact us on and we can talk to you about your green coffee roasting problems in terms of roast temperature and coffee roasting times.  

Green coffee selection

You can buy our current range of roasted coffee beans in a raw format i.e. green coffee beans.  If you would like to discuss the purchase of larger quantities then please contact us directly on