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Great Coffee Online 

Great coffee, freshly roasted.   Order coffee online for freshly roasted single origin coffee and carefully crafted coffee blends. We also provide green coffee beans for the home or small batch roastery via this website of our ebay site - King of the Roast.


Sidewalk Coffee Co celebrates not only the coffee producing countries of the world, but also the countries that enjoy coffee as part of their daily routine. The simple coffee bean has over time become a crucial part of our daily lives. Work, commuting, holidays, socialising and even medicinal purposes.

We bring you a selection of the best of the coffee bean crop, online, all year round. We carefully select our coffee bean stock to ensure you get the best available beans, freshly roasted, at a reasonable price delivered at a low cost. From speciality coffees to carefully crafted coffee blends, it's all great coffee, freshly roasted.

On our website you can learn a little more about how coffee is grown and processed, roasting coffee beans, starting a coffee roasting business and how to make the final coffee product.

About Sidewalk Coffee

Sidewalk Coffee Co was founded in 2015 by two coffee lovers (to clarify I should say lovers of coffee) who wanted to expand their own coffee horizons. We quickly determined that fresh coffee was really important so that became our strapline. Great coffee freshly roasted.

Based in South Cambridgeshire, Sidewalk Coffee supplies coffee to online and local domestic customers as well as engaging in business to business trade.  Whether a business needs one of our existing coffees or something a little more special we will accommodate our customers needs.

The name Sidewalk Coffee is directly inspired by the way we often drink coffee. On the pavement (or sidewalk). We didn't think pavement coffee had the right ring to it so we opted for Sidewalk.
We fully appreciate how busy people are and how sometimes they just need a coffee. The problem isn't that you can't find a coffee, it's that you can't find a great coffee!  

The Sidewalk logo is a rework on the old New York City 'walk / don't walk' road sign. The font is called Roadway and is based on the US street sign fonts. So now you know.  New York Sidewalk Don't walk sign

Finally.... The photography and travel theme is a deeply held passion for the company.

There really isn't anything more relaxing than being on holiday or your travels, and finding a great coffee shop or just a great coffee to enjoy.

So, the travel thing is here to stay. Remember our interest in coffee isn't just about the farmer and the origin. It's also about how the world enjoys its coffee and the creative aspects to making the drink we all love.

We're looking forward to the journey!