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First Roast - Colombian Excelso 10%

We roasted our first batch of Colombian Excelso today.  Here are my roasting notes.

Roasting plan

We looked to hit first crack around 9 minutes, and push for a 20% development time with an overall roast time of under 12 minutes.  We are trying to push the acidity in this cup and not make it overly sweet.

Charge temp

It's still a little cold outside so we upped the charge temp to compensate for the cold air that would be fighting against the early stages of the roast.  I did notice a little scorching on the coffee bean mid way through the roast so I might lower the temp a little next time but this was very minor and to be honest it didn't come through in the cup.

Dry end

We hit dry end around 5 minutes.  I suspect this was a little before that as I was monitoring gas pressure and may be out by 10 or 20 seconds.

Browning stage

I had to adjust pressure during this stage and risked comprising the roast with an increase of rate of rise.  I also noticed the tipping or scorching at this stage so was reluctant to apply too much heat.  Next time we'll drop the charge weight by 10% if roasting in cold weather to push more heat transfer to the start of the roast.  This is so i can slow down the browning stage a tad.

First crack

First crack started a little later than I had hoped but only by 20-30 seconds.  We went into this stage a little hot so next time I'd like to slow down the roast at around 8 minutes to give me more control during this phase.

Beans were smelling bright with no baked or smoky notes so I was confident that we had hit our profile target even if the roast was a little bit long.


Coffee was as expected and planned.  Nice aroma, bright and clean. Next time we'll try that faster roast and see what happens.


Overall happy with this roast especially as it's the first time around.  This bean has passed QC and will be heading out to our first customers today.

We only have one bag but this is a popular coffee so it may become a stock item.  We'll see.

Here's the roast profile...

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