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Coffee eco packaging - update

We've been using our new packaging for a while now and it appears to be going ok.  Our letterbox friendly packaging (samples and 250g bags only) provide us with two main benefits:

1) all of or packaging is recyclable or biodegradable

2) postage costs are kept low

While it's mildly inconvenient for customers to have to decent coffee beans from a bag into a jar, we felt that anyone serious about coffee would probably have a jar at home anyway.  So we felt that we were heading in the right direction.  

Our next step it to look into how we can ship larger volumes in an environmentally friendly way.  To date, the larger packaging is quite heavy duty and doesn't suit the lighter and less hardy recyclable materials - so we'll keep an eye on that in the coming months.

If you want to give our eco-packaging a go and get some freshly roasted coffee at the same time then you can click here to browse our 250g selection?


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