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Making brown coffee greener..

Making coffee greener! a short piece on reducing the environmental impact of roasted coffee -

Doesn’t sound right does it?  Our aim when roasting coffee is to turn it from green to roasted brown!  But.. there’s no getting away from the fact that coffee already travels thousands of miles to get to the UK, and the processes upstream could involve  deforestation , low wages, poor working conditions gang style management and probably other less desirable attributes.

‘Doing our bit’ to reduce the impact may just be a small step in making coffee greener or fairer.

We try to always use recyclable or biodegradable packaging.  However, whilst being ‘green’ is obviously good it’s difficult to get the same quality finish.  Whether our consumers would prefer quality over  sustainability  is one of the areas we’re going to look at.
Buying from trusted and quality coffee importers who share the same vision is also important, but this has an impact on price.
Using electric roasters rather than gas might also be the best way forward and switching our electricity tariff to a green tariff might also help.

Over the coming months we’ll be reviewing how we run Sidewalk Coffee to see if we can make some further small steps in making a difference.

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