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Post office and coffee bags

One of the many things to work out when starting an online coffee business is the postal service. They charge you based on:


Now. That doesn’t sound that bad but I’ve become a little obsessed with getting the best price and not paying the small parcel size for coffee bags.

Basically the challenge is to get 250g of coffee into a package that isn't wider than 2.5cm.  You can just about do that with the right sized bag.  Remember to use a valved bag because the coffee will degas a little and puff the bag out!

Next challenge..  Getting 2 x 250g coffee bags into a large letter size...



HI there,

Yes. Sort of.

We switched to using the large letter postage charge due to post-roast coffee gas bloating the bags.

As we roast and post that’s a particular problem!

An oversized bag with 2 day old coffee in it would probably do the trick though. We have a vacuum sealer now and we’re going to try and use that to seal our coffee but I expect the CO2 problem won’t go away.

Let me know how you get on!


David, did you suceed in finding the right packaging option to get 250g through the post? I’m still looking for the right bag and box combo. A nightmare!


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