Sidewalk Coffee - supporting Charlie Springham in her Project Trust volunteering programme in Honduras. - Sidewalk Coffee Company

Sidewalk Coffee - supporting Charlie Springham in her Project Trust volunteering programme in Honduras.

Here are Sidewalk Coffee we're proud to support a local girl who is has decided to go to Honduras for a year as a volunteer to teach in a primary school.
There's more to come on this but for now here's something that Charlie has written about her trip.
"My name is Charlotte Springham and I am an 18 year old girl who has the incredible once in a lifetime opportunity to volunteer for an entire year as a full-time primary school teacher in Honduras. I am doing this year with the educational charity Project Trust who has been running since 1967 and is very unique in its approach, sending volunteers away for a whole 12 months to work in communities that need help the most. I am going to be living and working in Yamaranguila – a small rural village in south west Honduras that has a primary school with 270 children from 4-13 years. I will be helping in any way I can by assisting other teachers, running after school sessions for struggling students and taking my own English class to improve children’s English to the standard they need for education.  Honduras is an amazing place, with a strong culture, sense of community and stunning views but sadly is highly stigmatised due to a corrupt government leading to problems with gangs and violence. The World Bank estimated that 6/10 Honduras households have an income of less than $2.50 a day and in 2013 62.8% of the population were in poverty. This means many children need to leave school to help their families. I am a huge advocate of education and believe spreading this also spreads opportunities to children who otherwise may not have had access to them. However, in order for me to undertake this amazing year helping Honduras I need your help as Project Trust set each volunteer a fundraising target of £6,200. I have been doing a multitude of things to get me to this target such as cake sales, a Race Night, writing to charitable trusts and much more! But I still have some way to go so honestly any and every bit of help would be appreciated so much. Thank you to everyone who has helped me!"

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