Roaster upgrade! The Has Garanti has landed and coffee house blend offer. - Sidewalk Coffee Company

Roaster upgrade! The Has Garanti has landed and coffee house blend offer.

10x more output...

We've upgraded our roaster and have finished commissioning and our practice sessions.

Having a bigger roaster is a mixed blessing.  We can produce a whole more coffee, but we can't really do that every day.

Previously (and I know we dropped the ball occasionally), we roasted our orders within 24 hours or us being notified.  That way we can roast everything to order and our customers can be assured that they are not getting the oldest bag of beans off the shelf.  The 2 day delivery time gives the coffee plenty of time to degas so it all works pretty well.

So back to the bigger roaster...  The Has Garanti has been customised to allow us to control the gas pressure plus three bean temperature monitoring readings (using a Phidget).  Using Artisan software allows us to repeat our roasts and refine our approach to different coffees to ensure we remain consistent

However, we can't turn it on every day at the moment.  We're still a micro roaster!  We don't sell that much coffee.

The fix to this problem, is for to time being we are committing to roasting on two days.  Sunday, and Wednesday.

If we can, we'll roast on the day of the order or very soon thereafter.  

When we get super busy we'll be roasting every day.  Let's hope we get there soon!

You can order our super size bags of house blend here:


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