Sun shining cambridge Coffee Roastery being refurbished

Coffee Roastery update, moving into the Old Bull Shed

A New Dawn!

As the sun rises on a new dawn for Sidewalk Coffee we are looking forward to expanding into our new space and delivering more locally roasted Cambridgeshire coffee beans!

The Garanti roaster has a new home in the Old Bull Shed barn near Boxworth and we are currently roasting coffee beans from Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatamala and Uganda. Available from our Single Origin selection.

Of course we also have our popular coffee bean Blends hand crafted using a combination of single origin Arabica beans and a touch of Roubusta to provide a richer brew and great creme.

All our coffee is hand roasted by either Andrew or David on the 5kg Garanti gas roaster. We use the roaster software "Artisan" to monitor and log our roasting profiles; however, we rely heavily on our instincts, knowledge and experience to bring you the best coffee we can so that you can get fresh roasted coffee beans delivered to your door

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