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Coffee for wedding gifts - a novel idea for that special occasion

Giving your wedding guests fresh coffee as a special treat

When you start a coffee roastery you expect your customers to come in a couple of variations namely coffee snobs, coffee shops, coffee lovers and home roasters.

I guess we were taken a bit by surprise when we were asked to roast some speciality coffee for a wedding party.  Coffee for special occasions?  We didn't really think it would be a novel concept to offer coffee to wedding guests! 

It's an area we'll look to develop in the coming months as I'm sure this isn't an isolated example. 

Freshly roasted coffee is a true delight and having your wedding party sharing a coffee the day after the wedding day is actually a great idea. 

How it worked

Our wedding coffee customer ordered in bulk and benefited from trade prices due to the larger coffee volumes ordered.  They prepared all the wedding packaging and custom printed bags.

We roasted the coffee for the wedding about one week in advance to allow for degassing of the coffee beans and delivered the coffee direct to the customer.


Following on from the success of this particular order we've decided to expand our trade coffee prices to standard consumers assuming the coffee bulk order is of a sufficient size.

And many thanks to David for the order.  

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