Coffee roasting schedule for sidewalk coffee in Cambridgeshire

Weekly Coffee Roasting Schedule or Single Origin Coffees

Running a roasted coffee to order operation is difficult.

So I thought I'd write it down in on a few post it notes and write a blog post about it. 😂

Roast and poast schedule. 

Here's out standard coffee roasting and posting schedule. 

Tuesday - coffee roasting day

Wednesday - overflow roast and 1st coffee dispatch 

Thursday - 2nd coffee dispatch 

Friday - 3rd coffee dispatch (for late orders) 

We do operate outside of this schedule occasionally.  However if you can get your orders in by Wednesday you're pretty much guaranteed coffee delivered by Saturday that is no older than 4 days old when you open the packet. 

Pre roasted coffee

For some coffees we will send out pre-roasted stock.  This is mostly for our coffee blends.  All subscription orders are freshly roasted.


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I recieved beans from yourselves this saturday (7th) which I’ve already started enjoying thank you. The beans are Brazilian and was considering buying my father some for xmas , I was wondering as my father is a coffee war horse if the beans are the strongest you roast, as for body and kick ?
Thanks again

Martin Lucas

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