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Quality green coffee beans for home roaster

When we started out we found it difficult to source green coffee beans in small quantities.

Green coffee is typically sold in 60kg + bags!  This is quite daunting when you might only think about selling a few bags of roasted coffee product.

Now we're roasting in greater quantities we thought we'd launch our own green bean coffee supply.  Some of this can be purchased through the online store at www.sidewalkcoffee.co.uk, however, we also have an eBay store that specialises in green coffee for the home roaster.  Typically sold in 900g or 1.9kg batches.

We also use eBay to sell our overroast stock.  Over roast is coffee left over from subscription or online orders that we can't use ourselves.  

Some go into the coffee sample requests and some for personal use.  The rest, well we sell this at a discounted price on eBay. 

You can find our over roast and green coffee bean stock here:


Happy bidding!

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