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Why you should buy a grinder.... my Quora response!

I got asked, probably by a bot, to answer a question of Quora about why you should grind your own coffee.  Here's my response! 


A few reasons. Here are two that in my current state I will pass on:

  1. Control - you can have your coffee beans ground to match the brew method you are using. One of my pet hates are ground coffee bags that state ‘suitable for all coffee makers’. Man that’s crazy talk right there. Each brew method (filter, cafetiere, espresso etc) works best within a range of grind fineness. So by grinding your own beans you can control your brewing method. And get better coffee.
  2. Freshness - the surface area of a coffee bean isn’t much. The outer shell acts as a barrier between the atmosphere and the innards of the coffee bean. It protects, to some extent, the coffee aromas and flavours. When you grind a bean, you are massively increasing the surface area of that bean. So, the atmosphere has access to so much more of the bean. Aroma and flavour will disappear rapidly.

Also think of cost and coolness. Grinding your own coffee is really the only way for anyone serious about coffee. It’s just one of those no-brainer decisions.

We do offer a grind option here at Sidewalk Coffee for some coffees.  To mitigate against loss of freshness after grinding just drink your coffee super quickly! 

Signing up for a coffee subscription is a cost effective way to achieve your coffee guru goals.


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