Frothing coconut milk to make a latte - a simple guide with a picture

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So we did it!  Coconut milk might not be for everyone but if you're trying to cut out dairy it's a great alternative and we can even froth it like standard milk.


  • We used all the standard equipment:
  • Temperature sensor
  • Steel jug
  • ECM / Rocket coffee machine (half moon dial)

Getting the right coffee shot

An artist needs a canvas!  That canvas in coffee art world is the espresso shot and the 'crema' that gives you the contrast between the milk and the coffee.  Of course we'd recommend out house blend which is a balance between arabica and robusta.  Buy a 1kg supersaver coffee bag here so you have plenty of coffee to practice with.

Buy some of our coffee.

Frothing the coconut milk

Coconut milk has a different consistency to cow's milk - our Alpro milk was 'gloopy' so we decided to put a little more air into the coconut milk at the start of the process.
We then used traditional frothing techniques and created a vortex in the milk and brought it up to temperature (same as dairy).

Coconut milk latte art

To be honest I'm not the best at latte art and have decided that I need a lot more practice.

Here's the first attempt

Not bad maybe a bit bubbly!
We'll keep on practicing and will update again when we perfect it!

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