UGANDAN - Single origin coffee - Fully Washed - Fairtrade, RFA
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UGANDAN - Single origin coffee - Fully Washed - Fairtrade, RFA

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Coffee origin and summary information

Producers: Local smallholders (5000+)
Region: Sironko, Mount Elgon
Process: Washed
Grade: AA, AB
SCA Score: 85
Screen Size: N/A
Altitude: 1,500 - 1,850masl
Varietals: SL14, SL28, SL34, KP142, KP630, Nyasaland
Certification: RFA, UTZ, 4C
Harvest: October - November

Cupping and tasting notes

Acidity  Medium +
Body Medium + 
Aroma Sweet
Cupping Notes Lemon, caramel, chocolate
and butter.


Selectively hand-picked cherries arrive at Sironko Washing Station where they are subjected to quality and weight tests. Automatic floatation separates the cherries by density into 3 quality grades, with the densest cherries representing the highest quality.

The selected cherries are then mechanically depulped and demucilaged. Farmers are trained to decompose the discarded pulp and use as composite fertilizer, while waste water is treated on site and used for plantain crops and demo-farms in the local area. The wet parchment is then mechanically dried. A variety of drying chambers and carefully regulated temperatures help maintain the quality of the coffee throughout this process. The first chamber consists of water drainage (skin drying) and lasts approximately 7 hours. This helps to eliminate any chance of quality deterioration associated with traditional fermentation & sun-drying.

It takes between 21 and 48 hours total to dry the wet parchment to recommended moisture level of 12%.

Regional Information

At 1250 masl, the Sironko Coffee washing station sits in a unique location to  accommodate arrivals from higher altitude farms up to 1850m along the
slopes of Mt Elgon. Mt Elgon is an extinct volcano on the border with Kenya and is thought to be the oldest volcano on the African continent. The massive base and
gentle slopes support thousands of smallholder farmers, with arabica coffee is cultivated across a broad band around the mountain between 1,200 and 2,200masl.

Volcanic soils, plentiful rain, high altitude and abundant sunshine are all contributing factors to the excellent terroir of the Mt Elgon region and the subsequent exceptional cup quality.


Target Roast Profile

Charge Temp: 220
Roast Duration: 10-12 mins
First Crack: 8:30 mins / 205c
Drop Temp: 220c

Roaster notes

High temp to drying phase

Medium heat to end of malliard

High heat to first crack with increased airflow

Low heat prior to first crack with 15-20% development time