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El Salvador - Single origin coffee - WASHED - SHG - SCA 85

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All about the coffee bean!

Roasted at our coffee roastery south of Cambridge these beans are a new addition to our bean collection.

If you are looking for the perfect fresh coffee to drink on its own without milk as a pour over, or filtered, this coffee will give great results. Its delicate tones give a refreshing experience that is good at any time of day.

Coffee origin and summary information

Producer: Ricardo Valdivieso
Farm Size: 82 Hectare
Region: Apaneca, Ahuachapan, SANTA LETICIA
Process: Washed
Grade: SHG SCA 85
Screen Size: 15+
Altitude: 1300 masl
Varietals: Bourbon
Certification: None
Harvest: November - February

Cupping and tasting notes







Cupping Notes

Toffee, green apple, golden syrup


Ricardo, his wife Patricia and their daughters have made their mark not just in El Salvadors coffee landscape but in the fabric of El Salvador politics and history for many years. The farm has 3 monoliths recently discovered in the grounds. A representation of these strange artifacts have been incorporated into the farms logo.

Washed coffee, 20 days on a 9 acre patio with frequent raking and turning. Red cherry selection only. Immediate pulping and demucilage. This farm recently had success in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence Competition. The coffee rests for 45 days post drying.

Regional Information

Ahuachapan is a region in western El Salvador near the border of Guatemala. The majority of the region is mountainous although altitude rarely exceeds 1400 meters, it exhibits a number of attributes that lead to high quality coffee production.
Notable landmarks include the beautiful town of Concepción de Ataco and ‘El Imposible’ national park in the Apaneca llamatepec mountain range.

El Salvador is an origin that has a natural tendency to produce sweet, versatile and sought after coffees from small, and generally progressive producers and was an early darling of the current specialty coffee movement. However, in 2013 the county was perhaps one of the hardest hit in Central America by the roya (leaf rust) outbreak and many farms produced negligible to nil coffee volume. However, diligent and progressive producers have generally rebounded well and are coming back with improved volume and quality.

Target Roast Profile

Charge Temp: 220
Roast Duration: 9-11 mins
First Crack: 9:30 mins / 205c
Drop Temp: 225c

Master roaster’s notes

This bean takes some careful roasting to tease out the sweetness and still maintain the clarity produced by the high acidity. The high level steps followed are:

  • Medium temp to drying phase
  • Medium heat to end of maillard
  • Medium heat to first crack with increased airflow
  • Lower heat prior to first crack with 15-20% development time.

We slow down the roast to try and bring out the syrup flavours without compromising acidity.