1kg Super Saver Freshly Roasted Coffee Subscription
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1kg Super Saver Freshly Roasted Coffee Subscription

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A freshly roasted single origin coffee or crafted blend every month!

1kgs of coffee for £20 Inc Postage!  It's got to be the best deal in the UK!!

Our coffee subscription offering gives you a chance to try our coffee every month.  If we could handpick the coffee we would, but that's kind of difficult in the UK so we rely on our trusted coffee importers to provide us with the best coffee beans from around the world and then we roast them to perfection. 

All of our coffees are sampled and cupped in-store.  So no nasty surprises as it's all tested by our goodselves.

Guaranteed freshness...

All of our subscription coffee is roasted to order at our roastery just south of Cambridge in the Old Bull Shed! We have loads of space so we are able to store large amounts of green beans and regularly take delivery of pallets piled high with them. This means we are able to shop around the coffee bean importer to get the best quality and value to pass on to our customers.  

You can be assured that the roasted coffee arrives fresh and in perfect condition.  If not, then we'll send you a new bag! No questions asked 😊

Choice of grind type

We would always recommend you grind beans when you are ready to use them, but we understand that not everyone has a grinder at home. Get the best out of your fresh coffee by ensuring you choose the right grind type for how you like your coffee. Depending on the roasted coffee you receive you may want a grind to suit espresso shot, a pour over, filter or mocha. We have high quality grinders that will be able to get the fine grind you need for an espresso shot or a more course grind level if required.

Contact us if you have any queries or concerns and we are happy to advise on what the best option is for you and the equipment you are using or thinking of buying. Feel free to contact us at Roastery@SideWalkCoffee.co.uk

Roast and post schedule

Here is our standard coffee roasting and posting schedule. 

Tuesday - coffee roasting day

Wednesday - overflow roast and 1st coffee dispatch 

Thursday - 2nd coffee dispatch 

Friday - 3rd coffee dispatch (for late orders) 

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