Single origin coffee from Honduras. Chinacla, Marcala. 250g Speciality Coffee


Coffee origin and summary information

FARM - Chinacla
ALTITUDE - 1500 metres
LOCATION - Marcala. Honduras
VARIETY - Arabica - Catuai / Bourbon
CERTIFICATION - None - direct trade coffee
Cupping and tasting notes (out of 10)

 Acidity  7 - Higher than normal
Sweetness 6 - Balanced
Body 8 - Higher than normal
Balance 7 - Is less forgiving than our Brazil bean.  
Flavours Citrus, chocolate and caramel

About the coffee..

This is an Honduran washed coffee of speciality grade. The producer is a starting enterprise in the area of Chinacla, Marcala. They are exporting coffee from the area and investing back into the valley with processing facilities owned by the producers themselves. Not only does this improve the cost efficiency of the coffee it also helps them improve the quality of their coffee, creating an upwards spiral in their community. 

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