Single origin coffee - Brazil, 250g, RFA, Mogiana, Sul de Minas, and Cerrado


Coffee origin and summary information

ORIGIN - Brazil

REGION - Mogiana, Sul de Minas, and Cerrado

ALTITUDE - 800 – 1350 m.a.s.l.

PREPARATION - Natural Process

VARIETY - Mundo Novo, Icatu, Acaiá, Catuaí, Tupi

CERTIFICATIONS - RFA (Rainforest Alliance), SSFC (Strictly Soft Fine Cup), NY (New York) 2/3, Screen Size (17/18)

HARVEST - May – August

Cupping and tasting notes

Acidity  Soft
Body Medium
Aroma Sweet
Cupping Notes chocolate notes, medium body, nutty, sweet, caramel, clean finish

Master roaster's assessment

Brazil is a well known coffee producing giant. They source around one-third of the world's coffee, making them the largest coffee producer in the globe! Of course, most of this is lower grade Arabica. However, this country is capable of producing specialty coffees.

This particular type is a standard specialty quality coffee. It is dry-processed, meaning the beans are patio-dried while they are still in the cherry. Since the coffees are dried in contact with the sweet mucilage, the coffee's cup profile will be heavy in body, sweet, smooth, and complex. The 17/18 screen size has a more consistent flavor without the pungent fruit notes that can turn up in smaller screen sized beans, which is an indication of varying bean maturity.

Target Roast Profile

Charge Temp: 180c
Roast Duration: 12-13 mins
First Crack: 10mins / 165c
Drop Temp: Between 175c and 180c
Airflow: Increased at turning point, end of drying phase, first crack




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