Burundi - Single origin coffee - Small Lot Murambi
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Burundi - Single origin coffee - Small Lot Murambi

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About this coffee...

This Burundi coffee is fully washed from the Muramvya district, in Burundi's central highlands. They farm this coffee at 1,640masl and process cherries from neighbouring smallholder farmers. Farmers cultivate a small amount of land and produce arabica of the Bourbon variety, which thrives at these high altitudes

Coffee origin and summary information

ORIGIN - Burundi

REGION - Muramvya 

ALTITUDE - 1600masl+

PREPARATION - Fully washed 

VARIETY - Bourbon


Cupping and tasting notes

Acidity  Bright
Body Medium
Aroma Sweet
Cupping Notes Flapjack, cherry

Target Roast Profile

Charge Temp: 180
Roast Duration: 11 mins
First Crack: 9mins / 207c
Drop Temp: 200c
Airflow: Fast start, reduced heat after dry end to control entry into first crack.  Development time target 25% of roast time.




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