GREEN COFFEE BEANS - Single origin Mexican coffee - TERESA - Villacorzo, Chiapas region Fraylesca


About the coffee

Exporter: Exportadora de Café California
Producer: Orantes family
Location: Villacorzo, Chiapas region Fraylesca 
Altitude:(3600-4000 feet) (1100-1250 mts)

Bean Characteristics: Strictly high grown, close bean cut
Arabica variety: Oro Azteca, Sarchimore, Yellow Catuai
Harvest period: December through March
Milling process: Washed, Sundried
Screen size: 80% over screen 16
Preparation: European preparation
Aroma: Spicy, dark chocolate roasted
Flavor: Blackberry, apple notes
Sweetness: Brown sugar, light maple syrup
Acidity: Lemon grass
Roast: Even, closed bean 
Total Score: 84.5

Productores Agroecológicos de Villacorzo, SPR de RI

Producers & History

Cafetaleros Agroecológicos de Villa corzo was born on January 13th of 2015 at the municipio Villacorzo, Chiapas.
These groups was created with the objective of pursuing an added value for their Coffee, and not just delivery to a warehouse where it would be blended with other coffees that had lower quality and no traceability at all. 

It started with 57 producers, all indigenous people called as the tzetzales from the region “Los Altos”.
Coffee. In 2015 they started the program “Por más café” together with Café California, due to the roya they had to replant almost all of their farms. Their coffee plantatons are in the Municipality of Villa Corzo between the mountains surrounding this village.
The Coffee has an average altitude of 1100 to 1500 meters above sea level.

The coffee develops in a microclimate between the
mountains of Villacorzo, this prevents the coffee from leaf rust and other diseases.

All the producers encourage ecological practices due to their economy and to prevent the damage of the endemic Flora and Fauna.

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