GREEN BEANS - Single origin Colombian Coffee - La Primavera - Concordia, Antioquia - RFA Washed Arabica


Finca La Primavera is located on the western mountain range of the Andes, about 2 hours drive from the city of Medellin. The area is know as south west Antioquia and the farm belongs to the municipality of Concordia, a small town hugely relying on coffee for its living. Concordia is famous in Colombia for being the coffee region with the highest average yields per hectare due to a very long and traditional dedication to coffee production.


Actual prices are below the cost of production for all farms in the area, and therefore great efforts are made to further increase both yields and cup quality in order to obtain much required premiums in the international markets. Finca La Primavera is certified RFA as the owner is totally convinced of the need for sustainable coffee growing, which includes 2 aspects the farm controls with great commitment and discipline: the environmental and social aspects. Unfortunately the economic aspect, third component of sustainable coffee, is badly hit by low prices and therefore requires support from buyers abroad to complete the “sustainable equation”.


About the Coffee

The farm, which has 82 hectares planted with coffee, mostly Castillo and Colombia variety, faces east towards the Cauca river canyon which allows for a special micro-climate. From the river at 500 meters above sea level the warm air creeps up the canyon to the higher areas growing coffee, granting the farm temperatures warmer than normal for the high altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. The local tree species for shade include walnut and guayacan, and the farm has a substantial amount of large trees, much beyond the RFA norm.


All the coffee produced is strictly high grown fully washed arabica. The farm has a central wet mill, where all the cherries arrive and pulping, washing and drying take place. The dry parchment is then transported by Laumayer from the farm, as a certified RFA chain of custody, and brought to the dry mill in Medellin where it is processed for export. The Laumayer mill and commercial operation have been certified RFA for more than 15 years

    Cupping Notes



    Concordia, Antioquia

    Growing Altitude

    1,800 masl

    Arabica Variety

    Caturra, Colombia

    Harvest Period

    April-June, August - December

    Milling Process



    Fruit, floral


    Chocolate, nougat, tangerine, tea rose, caramel


    Creamy, buttery



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