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Rwandan coffee is a great success story, helping to heal rifts between warring tribes, generating jobs and building a stable economy. There has been a coffee industry in Rwandasince the start of the 20th century but production was mainly of a low quality product and prices were unstable. it wasn’t until after 2000 that the benefits of producing a high quality product, which generated a more stable price were realised. Better co-ordination of farmers and the lowering of trade barriers have meant that farmers are able to generate a profit from their crops and enabled them to focus on bean quality.

Rwandan coffee

Rwandan Inzovu is produced by a cooperative of 30 coffee farmers in  located in the South Western part of the country in Rusizi district, Nyakabuye sector, Nyabintarecell, Barenga village (1600m to 1700m above sea level).  In 2008 the members of the cooperative created their own wet mill to produce, treat and sell their own coffee. Each member of the cooperative owns equal share and has between 350 to 2500 coffee trees.  The higher price for the higher quality bean has helped to improve the welfare of many farmers, children's schooling and sorting out basic needs.

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