Sidewalk Coffee of the Month - Monsooned Malabar

Monsooned Malabar - Indian Coffee

Sidewalk Coffee of the Month

For our coffee subscribers you would have already received, or are about to receive our coffee of the month - Monsooned Malabar from India.

Monsooned Malabar is a single origin arabica coffee with some unique properties due to the way the coffee is processed.  This process creates an almost PH neutral coffee with a dark and smoky taste. 

About Monsooned Malabar Coffee

Hundreds of years ago ships from India carried green beans and the four month long voyage, with its exposure to sea air and humidity caused an interesting effect on the beans. The beans swelled and took on a more yellow colour, with a rich a complex flavour after roasting. Modern shipping methods have removed both the time and humidity in the process.  Happily though the the same effect can be achieved using the monsooning process, which exposes the beans to months of monsoon weather on the Malabar Coast of India.

Roasting notes

Due to the larger coffee bean and lower density due to the swelling during the monsooned process, we have to be careful when roasting as the coffee can burn easily.

The roast time is typically around 15 minutes, stopping the roasting process just before 2nd crack.

We hope you enjoy our coffee this month.

The roastery, Sidewalk Coffee.

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