Roastery Refresh - Part 1

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So our beloved cafe attached to our Roastery is temporarily closed while we reconfigure the space to meet our needs.

We're still a small independent coffee roastery but we're finding we need a bit more space to do all of the admin and packing.  It's been a real challenge trying to manage this business from two locations.  I'm personally delighted that this will be resolved soon.

To save a bit of cash, we're recycling as much as we can to minimise capital expenditure and also not throw old things away that can be re purposed.

I've included a crummy picture of what we're planning to be the physical barrier between customers and the roaster!  Pallets are free as our coffee gets delivered on them.  Just need a bit of sanding and fixing and we're good to go.

Our roastery is still operational and you can order our new Honduran bean right here if you want us to prove it:





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